Praise & Worship songs by budding young songwriters

We had a Songwriting workshop conducted for a few selected students of “Keys And Strings”as well as few others who were interested. We also had a Whatsapp group of friends passively participating and helping out with lyrics and supporting us. The theme was “Praise and Worship “. The goal was to write, compose, arrange, record and produce five songs. I taught them five different ways to compose songs. They wrote four and a half songs within a span of one week. the last song was completed during the recording and everything just fell in place.They themselves wrote the lyrics, Chords and recorded at Government Studio in Panjim.


This song was written by borrowing the syllable structure of an existing song (I surrender all), and later the stucture was modified to create something absolutely original. The idea was that we don’t just write song, we re-write them till we are are satisfied. Alyssa Gomes sang this  song. The piano parts were composed by her. Viveka wrote the Guitar parts and she herself recorded them at the Studio. The entire Songwriting team joined for the Chorus for this song as well as the other songs.


We got the idea for this concept when one of our Whatsapp Songwriting Team member (Nikita) from Mumbai felt her ideas were not good enough and she was getting side-tracked. Since the theme of this workshop was about writing songs to glorify God, we decided to write a song about being sidetracked. In this song, we first created a syllable structure form and then fitted in the lyrics. The song was initially called “Lost”. The song got a positive energy by the lyrics that were suggested by Tamara from Mumbai. We created a Bridge and climax using those lyrics. Then we renamed the song as, “Till all I see is You”. This song is about how we at times feel so lost and realize that without Jesus we can do nothing. It’s all about running a good race and fighting a good fight. This song was sung by Lawrita Dcosta from Tivim Goa.


This song is inspired by Psalm 1: 1-3.

1 Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers,
2 but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night.
3 That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever they do prospers.
This song was composed by taking the lyrics straight from the Scripture and constructing a syllable structure. Also I taught them how to find inner rhymes and use them to our advantage in creating interesting phrases. The melody was born by Leanne and Alyssa jamming to the chords and singing the constructed lyrics impromptu.
Finally we decided to make this a song that featured children’s voices and got Annalise and Kezia on board. They were taught the song by their moms who were sent melodies over Whatsapp. These kids without really getting to rehearse with each other prior to the recording day, sang boldly and confidently in the studio.


This melody of this song was composed first. The students came up with the melody line and chords. After playing this melody a few times, Elika suggested that we make this a Song of Thanks. Viveka wrote the first verse.  Pia joined us that day and led everyone in prayer. She too contributed by suggesting “Triune God” when the students were stuck at finding the right lyrics at this part of the chorus. I had never heard Viveka sing. She always prefers to play, but she sang the song so sincerely it touched my heart. We decided that she should be the voice of the song. Jovan shed his inhibitions and agreed to write a prayer and recite it. We started the recording and the students were in the other room writing the lyrics to the last verses of the song.


This song was written as an example of A1 B A2 B structure. The students chose the concept of celebrating the greatness of God. We wrote out lyrics first and then Viveka came up with the idea of the Chord-work. Initially this was a very acoustic and Guitar driven song. I decided to make it a dance track instead and programmed it. My songwriting team was pleased and we went ahead changing the genre altogether. Leanne D’souza sang this track.

Our Songwriting team

  • Rachel Rodrigues
  • Viveka
  • Alyssa Gomes
  • Jovan Gomes
  • Mikayle Pinto
  • Elika Dsouza
  • Leanne Dsouza
  • Lawrita Dcosta

Project Manager: Cecil D’souza

Secretary: Linessey Dias

Whatsapp Team: Praise & Worship Musicians (Whatsapp Group)

  • All songs recorded at Government Studio Patto-Panjim
  • Recording Engineer: Bhavesh Fullari
  • Assistant Engineer: Daulat Palyekar


The students have agreed to use these songs to raise funds to support an orphanage.


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