Praise & Worship songs by budding young songwriters

We had a Songwriting workshop conducted for a few selected students of “Keys And Strings”as well as few others who were interested. We also had a Whatsapp group of friends passively participating and helping out with lyrics and supporting us. The theme was “Praise and Worship “. The goal was to write, compose, arrange, record and produce five songs. I taught them five different ways to compose songs. They wrote four and a half songs within a span of one week. the last song was completed during the recording and everything just fell in place.They themselves wrote the lyrics, Chords and recorded at Government Studio in Panjim.

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Don’t waste your time practicing hard

….well, what I meant is “Use” your practice time (yup, don’t waste it) to get the results you need by practicing the “smart” way (not the hard way).

Time is precious and if you don’t use it to achieve results, then you would be wasting your precious time.

When we talk about ‘PRACTICE’, I like to classify students into three categories…

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A funny story to help Children identify the keys on the Keyboard

I often see students in India  paste sticky tapes with letter names on their keyboard. Some even write on the keys (I don’t know if this happens abroad too). This not only makes your beautiful white keys look dirty, but actually handicaps your playing because you start depending on the tapes.

As a matter of fact, there is absolutely no need to do that. You can easily learn the names of the keys in less than 10 minutes. It’s that simple.

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He will never let me down

January 2011 was a landmark period in my life. My music changed from this time on. A crisis so traumatic and painful occurred, that it compelled me into thinking that I would never write songs again. Fr Shane once shared at a Retreat that when we go through a crisis most people tend to BREAKDOWN, but WITH JESUS we can BREAKTHROUGH. What helped me to breakthrough was God’s promise in the Holy Bible. I knew His Word would never fail. The other stronghold I found was a song I wrote a few months before my crisis. I wrote this song for Director, Nikki Lewis, for a movie script that she was working on based on the story of David and Goliath. I was inspired to write a song portraying David’s faith in God the night before he faced Goliath. Getting into the mind of David, the lyrics began to flow, “My God who saves me from the lions and the bears; He will never let me down…He will never let me down.”

In those painful moments of my crisis, this song kept playing in my head giving me the assurance that God will never let me down. I found hope through this song and the more I sang it, the more healing I found. I knew that my previous encounters with difficult situations were the lions and bears I had faced with Christ. My God had never let me down during those times and I knew that this time too, my God would not let me down.

 Listen to the song…

He will Never let me down

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