Music Production

I work only on Fridays. Here are my flat rates so that it will be easy for you to work with me.

Songwriting                                                   3000/- per song
Song critique and corrections               ₹ 1000/- per song

This might be for you if you have written your own song and need a little feedback about the Song in terms of lyrics and chord work.

Music Programming (Complete)             ₹ 10000/- per song   

Does not include organic recording (live musicians recording in studio) except Acoustic Guitar which I will do as part of the production.

Music Programming (Additional)        ₹ 3000/- per track

This is for you if you wish to work in collaboration with me and need me to do a part of the programming with me. (say a piano part…etc )

Music Arrangement

(Includes Mixing & basic Mastering)      ₹ 20000/- per song    

In case you wish to Master your tracks with other professionals , that is absolutely okay with me and you will receive the final Mix from me.  I could also recommend a few professionals I know in the industry for Mastering.

In case you have more than five songs in the EP or Album, I could consider a little discount.

Please Note:

If the Music arrangement requires recording musicians, then the cost will depend on the following factors:

  1. Studio rate and Studio time
  2. Musician remuneration
  3. My fee for the time involved in the process of assisting and supervising.
  4. Traveling allowances (If tracking or vocal dubbing happens outside of Goa.)
  5. In case the recording is outside of Goa, you will have to book a decent Hotel within 30 minutes of travel time from the studio we are recording in.

How does this work?

In case you wish to hire my Music Arrangement services for an album, EP or a single, You shall receive an invoice for  50% advance payment before I schedule you into my Calendar. Upon completing the work, I will send a link to your Song files in MP3 format. In case you need any changes, I provide up to two revisions per song. Upon receiving the balance 50%, I will send the final high quality Wav files.

I usually do my programming from my Home Studio and prefer to work and mix alone during this process. If required, I can assist during the vocal recording process, but will charge ₹ 1000 per hour for my time at the studio.

Musicians I usually work with in Goa for Live Tracking of Instruments

Boney Alex / Grayston Vaz / Roque Lazarus                 Electric Guitars

Jeshurun D’cruz / Sergio Mascarenhas                          Drums

Freddy Baretto                                                                     Bass

Chernoll Mendonca                                                            Violin

Naresh Madgaokar                                                             Santoor/ Flute


Studios I usually work at in Goa

AL Production             (Margao)

Studio 52                     (Assagao)

Angels Studio              (Santa Cruz)

Government Studio     (Panjim)